Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Christmas swap

I just read in Caterinas blog about our swap-partner.
And I looove to make my swap for Heather.

Hello Heather,
I still are having your address.
So you can lean back and look forward to your presents!


Rachel hat gesagt…

Hi Nina Im so looking forward to this swap and as i understand it i will be mailing out to you so please could you email me your address so i can get yours sent out i hope you will like what i have made for you

cockerina hat gesagt…

heh heh! I see you're already in touch .... I'm happy to create new friendships among you!
friendship is the most wonderful Christmas present!
kisses and have fun with all three you!

Heather hat gesagt…

Oh yeah! I haven't checked blogs in a couple of days. I'll have to go see who I'm sending too. My first swap how exciting.